“Jackie saved our breastfeeding journey. I was struggling with low supply and kept getting conflicting information from friends and family. I met with lactation right after delivery, but with all the other information they went over, I didn’t remember exactly how often I was supposed to be feeding and pumping. My supply plummeted in the first few weeks, and I called Jackie in a panic. She brought me down and reassured me, reviewed options, and helped me get my supply back. She was so understanding and made me feel supported every step of the way. I truly do not believe we would have been able to continue our breastfeeding journey if it weren’t for the help we received early on.”

“I don’t know what I would have done without the support from Jackie over the last year of breastfeeding and pumping. As a former postpartum nurse and lactation counselor, I thought I would have things completely figured out for feeding my first baby. Queue: night 1 home from the hospital. My daughter wouldn’t latch and I was sad, worried, and frustrated. I opened my new pump and found the pieces were shattered from shipping–sheer panic. But, it was Jackie to the rescue. She helped me calm down and came up with a simple and realistic feeding plan, not only for that night, but for the next week to help establish my supply and support my goal of exclusive breast milk feeding. Jackie has always been there to answer my questions about my supply, introducing pumping in preparation for returning to work, herbal supplementation, and safe medications to take while breastfeeding. Her supportive and genuine words have lifted me up so many times and have been the fuel that keeps me going in my breastfeeding journey.”

“My prenatal consult with Jackie prepared me for EVERYTHING. There was so much I didn’t know, and I couldn’t imagine going into my delivery without that first appointment. As a first time mom, I asked so many questions, but she never made me feel like I should have known more. She asked me about how I wanted my feeding plan to look and made sure I felt comfortable about everything before I left my appointment. She helped me figure out how to get a breast pump through my insurance, how to size my shields, and she showed me how to collect colostrum for my baby before he was born (even asked my midwife for permission to make sure it was safe)..I was mindblown and had no idea that was even an option! I am so thankful for the amazing foundation that led to our current breastfeeding experience.”

“Jackie has been my absolute go-to over the last 12 months. She’s been helping me with hundreds of lactation questions since before my baby was even here; from helping me choose a pump and prepare for delivery, to helping my 35 weeker work on latch, to sizing my flanges and supporting me in my journey as an exclusive pumper, to helping manage my oversupply and clogged ducts, and ultimately to helping me wean when the time came. I don’t know what I would have done without her help so readily available.”

“Oh my gosh..where do I begin? I breastfed my first baby for 18 months. Jackie was my lactation consultant and helped us get breastfeeding off to a great start. Everything went swimmingly after our first appointment. But thennn my second baby came. He breastfed and gained weight okay, but I was having a lot of nipple pain. She reminded me how important the right positioning is in those first few weeks. Perfect! Smooth sailing, I thought. Until I was ready to go back to work, but my baby wasn’t! Bottle refusal? Who knew..Jackie to the rescue with open arms to help with all the tears, and so many recommendations on ways to finally get him to take the bottle. Myself, my husband, and all of our babysitters would have been up a creek without her! Lots of love for Jackie at our house!”

“I am forever thankful for the love and support Jackie has given me and my baby throughout our breastfeeding journey. My last baby was diagnosed with a tongue tie in the hospital, and I called her as soon as we got home. We worked together to come up with a plan that felt most comfortable for me. It all seemed so overwhelming at the time, but she reassured me and gave me lots of resources to help me make decisions as we went. We were able to manage his ties without surgery, he is such a happy, healthy baby, and my supply has been great thanks to her recommendations. She is the sweetest supporter, and honestly just the proudest cheerleader. I have never had the confidence to breastfeed any of my babies in public, but after my many appointments with her, my confidence as a breastfeeding mom has grown and I’m so proud of how far we’ve come!”